Here are the Details for Legronicon 2020!

Here are the benefits we are proud to offer our exhibitors!

We host a dinner together

The organizer invites all the exhibitors to diner on Saturday evening (around 6:30pm) Further details will follow!

AFOL evening

After diner we invite all the exhibitors to talks all around our hobby!

Exhibitor's gift

Every exhibitor will get a gift for joinig our exhibition.

Snacks and Softdrinks

During the exhibition we will organize some soft drinks and snacks for free for every exhibitor.

1x8 exhibitor's stone

Every exhibitor will receive an exhibitor's stone (1x8 brick with the Legronicon's logo)


Due to the large demand on discounted accommodation we run out of beds!
We can offer you to help you finding a cheap accommodation in the vicinity of Feldbach if requested! But we are sorry to say, we cannot give financial support.

There are any questions? Do not hesitate to ask!

  • +43664 / 9192081
  • stefan@legronicon.at

Online Registration Form for Exhibitors
Sign up before 15th of December 2019!


Register NOW and take part with your MOCs at Legronicon! Only a few exhibitor booths are left!

We run out of cheap accommodation and cannot give financial support any longer. But we can offer you the following:
Your personal data, you fill in in this form, will be used only for setting you up for the exhibition. We will not share any of the above given data with third parties! For more info concerning data privacy contact us. You can find detailed info that is written in German here
  • stefan@legronicon.at

weitere Info/ more info:

Wolfgang Fischer

  • +43664 / 391 30 40
  • wolfgang@legronicon.at

Stefan Kofler

  • +43664 / 9192081
  • stefan@legronicon.at


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